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gr_satellites - gr-satellites is a GNU Radio command line decoder for the telemetry of Amateur satellites.


gr_satellites satellite [options]


gr-satellites is a GNU Radio out-of-tree module encompassing a collection of telemetry decoders that supports many different Amateur satellites. It supports most popular protocols, such as AX.25, the GOMspace NanoCom U482C and AX100 modems, an important part of the CCSDS stack, the AO-40 protocol used in the FUNcube satellites, and several ad-hoc protocols used in other satellites.

The gr_satellites command line tool can be used to decode frames from each of the supported satellites by using either real-time RF samples from an SDR or conventional radio, or a recording.


The satellite parameter can be specified using name, NORAD ID or path to YAML file. The set of available options will change depending on the satellite, so it is mandatory to specify a satellite even to print the full help.

The options shown below are for the satellite AO-73. Other satellites have slightly different options.

General options

show the help message and exit
show program's version number and exit
list supported satellites and exit

Input options

WAV input file
RAW input file (float32 or complex64)
RAW input file (int16)
Soundcard device input
Use UDP input
KISS input file
Sample rate (Hz)
UDP input listen IP [default='::']
UDP input listen port [default='7355']
Use IQ input
Input gain (can be negative to invert signal) [default=1]
Recording start timestamp
Throttle recording input to 1x speed

Output options

KISS output file
Append to KISS output file
Enable KISS server [default port=8100]
KISS server bind address [default='']
Enable ZMQ PUB socket [default address=tcp://]
Hexdump instead of telemetry parse
Path to dump internal signals

Demodulation options

Frequency offset (Hz) [default=1500 or 12000]
RRC roll-off (Hz) [default=0.35]
Disable FLL
FLL bandwidth (Hz) [default=25]
Clock recovery bandwidth (relative to baudrate) [default=0.06]
Clock recovery limit (relative to baudrate) [default=0.02]
Costas loop bandwidth (Hz) [default=50]
Manchester recovery history (symbols) [default=32]

Deframing options

Syncword bit errors [default=8]
Verbose RS decoder

Data sink

Telemetry output file [default=stdout]


jy1sat_ssdv(1), smog_p_spectrum(1)

2020-09-28 gr-satellites