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GAVF-MUX(1) User Manuals GAVF-MUX(1)


gavf-mux - Multiplex multiple gavf stream into one


gavf-mux [options]


gavf tee


-i <location>

Input file or location. Use this option multiple times to add more inputs.

-o <output>

Output file or location

-m name=value

Set global metadata of the output (can be used multiple times). Use "name=" to clear a field

-oopt param1=val1[&param2=val2...]

shm=<number> (default: 1024)

SHM threshold

Select the minimum packet size for using shared memory for a stream. Non-positive values disable shared memory completely

to=<number> (500..100000, default: 5000)

Timeout (milliseconds)

dp=[1|0] (default: 0)

Dump gavf packets

Use this for debugging


The following generic options are available for all gmerlin applications


Print this help message and exit


Print this help message as a manual page and exit


Print this help message in texinfo format and exit


Print version info and exit

-v level

Set verbosity level (0..4)

-syslog name

Log to syslog the specified name


Always log to stderr



Cache of the plugin registry (shared by all applications)


Default plugin parameters are read from there. Use gmerlin_plugincfg to change them.

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