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ipa-client-automount(1) IPA Manual Pages ipa-client-automount(1)


ipa-client-automount - Configure automount and NFS for IPA


ipa-client-automount [OPTION]... <location>


Configures automount for IPA.

The automount configuration consists of three files:



--server=SERVER Set the FQDN of the IPA server to connect to.

Automount location.
Do not configure the client to use SSSD for automount.
NFS domain for idmapd.conf. If unset, defaults to the IPA domain. If set to DNS, let idmapd or nfsidmap determine the domain from DNS (see idmapd(8) or nfsidmap(5) for details). If set to anything else, set idmapd.conf's Domain entry to that value.
Print debugging information to stdout.
Unattended installation. The user will not be prompted.
Restore the automount configuration files.







0 if the installation was successful

1 if an error occurred

2 if uninstalling and automount is not configured

3 if installing and automount already configured

May 25 2012 IPA