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FAR2L(1) Linux fork of FAR Manager v2 FAR2L(1)


far2l - Oldschool file manager, with built-in terminal and other usefullness´es.


far2l [OPTION] [-cd APATH -cd PPATH]]


far2l is a Linux fork of FAR Manager v2, directory browser/file manager for Unix-like operating systems.


Display this help and exit.
Disable display of characters with codes 0 - 31 and 255.
Disable display of pseudographics with codes > 127.
Disable display of pseudographics characters completely.
Forces FAR to load plugins from the cache only.
Change panel's directory to specified path. APATH - path to a folder (or a file or an archive or command with prefix) for the active panel. PPATH - path to a folder (or a file or an archive or command with prefix) for the passive panel.
Do not load macros.
Do not execute auto run macros.

Allows to specify separate settings IDENTITY or FS location.
View the specified file.

Executes given COMMAND LINE and opens viewer with its output.

Edit the specified file with optional cursor position specification.
Executes given command line and opens editor with its output.


force using TTY backend only (disable GUI/TTY autodetection)
don't fallback to TTY backend if GUI backend failed
don't detect if TTY backend supports FAR2L or X11/Xi extensions
terminate instead of going to background on getting SIGHUP (default if in Linux TTY)
go to background instead of terminating on getting SIGHUP (default if not in Linux TTY)
ESC expiration in N msec (100 if unspecified) to avoid need for double ESC presses (valid only in TTY mode without FAR2L extensions)
use PRIMARY selection instead of CLIPBOARD X11 selection (only for GUI backend)


far2l historically has its own contextual help system that can be found via pressing F1 key wherever in its TUI.


This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. See the built-in help for details on the License and the lack of warranty.


The latest version of this program can be found at


mc(1), ed(1), gpm(1), terminfo(1), view(1), sh(1), bash(1), tcsh(1), zsh(1).

Linux fork of FAR Manager v2 on the World Wide Web:


Authors and contributors are listed in the copyright file.


If you want to report a problem with the program, please create bugreport at

Provide a detailed description of the bug, the version of the program you are running. If the program crashes, we would appreciate a stack trace.

25-12-22 FAR2L Version 2.4.1