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elvish(1) General Commands Manual elvish(1)


elvish - Friendly and expressive shell


elvish [flags] [script]


-bin string
path to the elvish binary
show build info and quit
take first argument as a command to execute
Parse/Compile but do not execute
-cpuprofile string
write cpu profile to file
run daemon instead of shell
-db string
path to the database
show usage help and quit
show output in JSON. Useful with -buildinfo.
-log string
a file to write debug log to
-logprefix string
the prefix for the daemon log file
-port int
the port of the web backend (default 3171)
-sock string
path to the daemon socket
run backend of web interface


Elvish is a cross-platform shell, supporting Linux, BSDs and Windows. It features an expressive programming language, with features like namespacing and anonymous functions, and a fully programmable user interface with friendly defaults. It is suitable for both interactive use and scripting.



This manual page was written by Shengjing Zhu <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
June 27, 2018 elvish 0.12