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DOSCHK(1) General Commands Manual DOSCHK(1)


doschk - checks filenames for SYSV and DOS compatibility


doschk filename ...


This program is intended as a utility to help software developers ensure that their source file names are distinguishable on MS-DOS and 14-character SYSV platforms. To perform this task, doschk reads a list of filenames and produces a report of all the conflicts that would arise if the files were transferred to a MS-DOS or SYSV platform.

To use this program, you must feed it a list of filenames in this format:






If the list does not include the directory-only lines (like dir/dir2) then their names will not be checked for uniqueness, else they will be. Typical uses of this program are like these:

find . -print | doschk

tar tf file.tar | doschk

If this program produces no output, then all your files are MS-DOS compatible. Any output messages are designed to be self-explanatory and indicate cases where the files will not transfer to MS-DOS without problems.


DJ Delorie. This manpage written by Ben Pfaff <> for Debian GNU/Linux.

doschk 1.1