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PLOTCPM(1) General Commands Manual PLOTCPM(1)


plotcpm - program to plot data from Doris


plotcpm [ ifile [ linelo hi pixlo hi [ slcfile ] ] ]


This manual page documents briefly the plotcpm command.

plotcpm is a program that plots CPM data from Doris.


A summary of options is included below.

Is a data file from doris, see this script for details (default: "CPM_Data").
Is first line (default: 1).
Is last line (default: 25000).
Is first pixel (default: 1).
Is last pixel (default: 4900).
Is filename of SLC data for background of magnitude. Format must be ci2 or cr4 of SLC data.

If magnitude background calls to GMT and cpxfiddle.


doris(1), run(1), plotoffsets(1).
The DORIS User Manual, available in /usr/share/doc/doris-doc.


plotcpm was written by TUDelft Radar Group (c) 1999-2008.

This manual page was written by Antonio Valentino <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).

November 1, 2010