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docker-image-tag - Create a tag TARGET_IMAGE that refers to SOURCE_IMAGE




Assigns a new alias to an image in a registry. An alias refers to the entire image name including the optional TAG after the ':'.


NAME The image name which is made up of slash-separated name components, optionally prefixed by a registry hostname. The hostname must comply with standard DNS rules, but may not contain underscores. If a hostname is present, it may optionally be followed by a port number in the format :8080. If not present, the command uses Docker's public registry located at by default. Name components may contain lowercase letters, digits and separators. A separator is defined as a period, one or two underscores, or one or more dashes. A name component may not start or end with a separator.

TAG The tag assigned to the image to version and distinguish images with the same name. The tag name must be valid ASCII and may contain lowercase and uppercase letters, digits, underscores, periods and hyphens. A tag name may not start with a period or a hyphen and may contain a maximum of 128 characters.


Tagging an image referenced by ID

To tag a local image with ID "0e5574283393" into the "fedora" repository with "version1.0":

docker image tag 0e5574283393 fedora/httpd:version1.0

Tagging an image referenced by Name

To tag a local image with name "httpd" into the "fedora" repository with "version1.0":

docker image tag httpd fedora/httpd:version1.0

Note that since the tag name is not specified, the alias is created for an existing local version httpd:latest.

Tagging an image referenced by Name and Tag

To tag a local image with name "httpd" and tag "test" into the "fedora" repository with "version1.0.test":

docker image tag httpd:test fedora/httpd:version1.0.test

Tagging an image for a private repository

Before pushing an image to a private registry and not the central Docker registry you must tag it with the registry hostname and port (if needed).

docker image tag 0e5574283393 myregistryhost:5000/fedora/httpd:version1.0


-h, --help[=false] help for tag


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