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datalad add-readme(1) General Commands Manual datalad add-readme(1)


datalad add-readme - add basic information about DataLad datasets to a README file


datalad add-readme [-h] [-d DATASET] [--existing {skip|append|replace}] [PATH]


The README file is added to the dataset and the addition is saved in the dataset.


Path of the README file within the dataset. Constraints: value must be a string [Default: '']

show this help message. --help-np forcefully disables the use of a pager for displaying the help message
Dataset to add information to. If no dataset is given, an attempt is made to identify the dataset based on the current working directory. Constraints: Value must be a Dataset or a valid identifier of a Dataset (e.g. a path)
How to react if a file with the target name already exists: 'skip': do nothing; 'append': append information to the existing file; 'replace': replace the existing file with new content. Constraints: value must be one of ('skip', 'append', 'replace') [Default: 'skip']


datalad is developed by The DataLad Team and Contributors <>.

2021-07-23 datalad add-readme 0.14.6