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containers-storage-apply-diff 1 August 2016


containers-storage apply-diff - Apply a layer diff to a layer


containers-storage apply-diff [options [...]] layerNameOrID [referenceLayerNameOrID]


When a layer is first created, it contains no changes relative to its parent layer. The layer can either be mounted read-write and its contents modified directly, or contents can be added (or removed) by applying a layer diff. A layer diff takes the form of a (possibly compressed) tar archive with additional information present in its headers, and can be produced by running containers-storage diff or an equivalent.

Layer diffs are not typically applied manually. More often they are applied by a tool which is being used to import an entire image, such as skopeo.


-f | --file filename

Specifies the name of a file from which the diff should be read. If this option is not used, the diff is read from standard input.


containers-storage apply-diff -f 71841c97e320d6cde.tar.gz layer1


containers-storage-changes(1) containers-storage-diff(1) containers-storage-diffsize(1)