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ctr(1) General Commands Manual ctr(1)


ctr [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


ctr is an unsupported debug and administrative client for interacting with the containerd daemon. Because it is unsupported, the commands, options, and operation are not guaranteed to be backward compatible or stable from release to release of the containerd project.


The following commands are available in the ctr utility:

plugins,plugin : Provides information about containerd plugins

version : Prints the client and server versions

containers,c,container : Manages and interacts with containers

content : Manages and interacts with content

events,event : Displays containerd events

images,image : Manages and interacts with images

namespaces,namespace : Manages and interacts with containerd namespaces

pprof : Provides golang pprof outputs for containerd

run : Runs a container

snapshots,snapshot : Manages and interacts with snapshots

tasks,t,task : Manages and interacts with tasks

shim : Interacts with a containerd shim directly

help,h : Displays a list of commands or help for one specific command

The following global options apply to all ctr commands:

--debug : Enable debug output in logs

--address value, -a value : Address for containerd's GRPC server (default: /run/containerd/containerd.sock)

--timeout value : Total timeout for ctr commands (default: 0s)

--connect-timeout value : Timeout for connecting to containerd (default: 0s)

--namespace value, -n value : Namespace to use with commands (default: default) [also read from $CONTAINERD_NAMESPACE]

--help, -h : Show help text

--version, -v : Prints the ctr version


Note that the ctr utility is not an officially supported part of the containerd project releases.

However, please feel free to file any specific issues that you encounter at



Phil Estes ⟨⟩


containerd(1), containerd-config(1), containerd-config.toml(5)