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CONDURE(1) User Commands CONDURE(1)


condure - HTTP/WebSocket connection manager


condure 1.6.0 HTTP/WebSocket connection manager


condure [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]


Prints help information
Prints task sizes
Prints version information
ZeroMQ client sockets should connect instead of bind


Body buffer size for connections in req mode [default: 100000]
Connection buffer size (two buffers per connection) [default: 8192]
Instance ID [default: condure]
Permissions for ZeroMQ IPC binds
Port to listen on [default:,stream]
Log level [default: 2]

--messages-max <N>

Maximum number of queued WebSocket messages per connection [default: 100]
Maximum number of concurrent connections in req mode [default: 100]
Client timeout in req mode (seconds) [default: 30]

--stream-maxconn <N>

Maximum number of concurrent connections in stream mode [default: 10000]
Client timeout in stream mode (seconds) [default: 1800]
Directory containing certificates and private keys [default: .]
Number of worker threads [default: 2]
ZeroMQ client REQ spec [default: ipc://client]
ZeroMQ client PUSH/ROUTER/SUB spec base [default: ipc://client]
June 2022 condure 1.6.0