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SANCOV(1) User Commands SANCOV(1)


sancov - manual page for sancov 15


OVERVIEW: Sanitizer Coverage Processing Tool (sancov)

This tool can extract various coverage-related information from: coverage-instrumented binary files, raw .sancov files and their symbolized .symcov version. Depending on chosen action the tool expects different input files:

-print-coverage-pcs - coverage-instrumented binary files

-print-coverage - .sancov files

<other actions>
- .sancov files & corresponding binary files, .symcov files

USAGE: sancov [options] <action> <binary files...> <.sancov files...> <.symcov files...>


Generic Options:

--help - Display available options (--help-hidden for more)

--help-list - Display list of available options (--help-list-hidden for more)

--version - Display the version of this program

sancov Options:

Action (required)

--print - Print coverage addresses

--print-coverage-pcs - Print coverage instrumentation points addresses.

--covered-functions - Print all covered funcions.

--not-covered-functions - Print all not covered funcions.

--print-coverage-stats - Print coverage statistics.

--html-report - REMOVED. Use -symbolize &

--symbolize - Produces a symbolized JSON report from binary report.

--merge - Merges reports.

--demangle - Print demangled function name

--ignorelist=<string> - Ignorelist file (sanitizer ignorelist format)

--skip-dead-files - Do not list dead source files in reports

--strip_path_prefix=<string> - Strip this prefix from file paths in reports

June 2023 sancov 15