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CKB-NEXT-DAEMON(8) System Manager's Manual CKB-NEXT-DAEMON(8)


ckb-next-daemon - Corsair RGB driver daemon


ckb-next-daemon [--gid=<gid>] [--hwload=<always|try|never>] [--nonotify] [--nobind] [--nonroot]


See for full instructions.


Restrict access to /dev/input/ckb* nodes to users in group <gid>.
--hwload=always will force loading of stored hardware profiles on compatible devices. May result in long startup times.
--hwload=try will try to load the profiles, but give up if not immediately successful (default).
--hwload=never will ignore hardware profiles completely.
Disables key monitoring/notifications. Note that this makes reactive lighting impossible.
Disables all key rebinding, macros, and notifications. Implies --nonotify.
Allows running ckb-next-daemon as a non root user. This will almost certainly not work. Use only if you know what you're doing.