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writems(1) General Commands Manual writems(1)


writems - Create one or more MeasurementSets


writems parm=value ...


Number of MeasurementSets to create (0 means 1 MS without suffix; default, >0 also creates MultiMS)
Name of the output MeasurementSet (suffix _p<i> is added if nms>0)
One or more J2000 Right Ascensions (as hh:mm:ss.sss); defines the fields
One or more J2000 Declinations (as; defines the fields
Name of the ANTENNA table giving the antenna parameters to use (zero/empty values if not given)
Start frequency (Hz) per spw (1 value counts on for other spws; default: 1e9)
Channel frequency width (Hz) per spw (1 value applies to all spws; default: 1e6)
Start time (e.g., 23Mar2016/12:00:00)
Time interval (sec; default: 1)
Number of time steps (default: 1) ntimefield Number of time steps per field (0=all fields for all times; default)
Number of spectral windows (default: 1)
Number of polarizations per spectral window; 1 value applies to all spws (default: 4)
Number of channels per spectral window; 1 value applies to all spws (default: 256)
Number of antennae to use; it anttab is given maximum to use is its size (default: 0)
Calculate UVW coordinates? (default: false)
Write autocorrelations? (default: true)
Write WEIGHT_SPECTRUM column? (default: false)
Write imager columns (MODEL_DATA, CORRECTED_DATA)? (default: false)
Write the data row wise (thus a put per row) (default: true)
int Write multiple flag bits (0, 8, 16 or 32) mapped to FLAG (default: 0)
Name of the FlagBits column if nflagbits>0 (default: "FLAG_BITS")
Size of data tiles (KBytes); default is 1024
Number of channels in data tiles; default is all channels
Use the MultiFile feature? (default: false)
Use the MultiHDF5 feature? (default: false)
MultiFile/HDF5 block size (KBytes); default is tilesize
bool Write the data in HDF5 format (default: false)
2017-11-01 casacore