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NonLocalSuperResolution - part of ANTS registration suite



Non-local super resolution described in the following papers: 1) JV Manjon, P Coupe, A Buades, V Fonov, DL Collins, and Montserrat Robles. Non-local MRI Upsampling.Medical Image Analysis, 14:784-792, 2010 and2) JV Manjon, P Coupe, A Buades, DL Collins, and Montserrat Robles. MRI Superresolution Using Self-Similarity and Image Priors.International Journal of Biomedical Imaging, 2010.


-d, --image-dimensionality 2/3/4

This option forces the image to be treated as a specified-dimensional image. If not specified, the program tries to infer the dimensionality from the input image.

-i, --input-image inputImageFilename

A low-resolution image input image to be superresoluted.

-j, --interpolated-image inputImageFilename

An interpolated version of the low-resolution image (such as B-spline). One should specify either this option as a secondary input or a high-resolution multi-modal counterpart (cf the -k option).

-k, --reference-image inputImageFilename

A high resolution reference multi-modal image. Assumed to be in the same space as the low-resolution input image (i.e., registered).One should specify either this option as a secondary input or an interpolated version (cf the -j option).
Patch radius. Default = 1x1x1
Search radius. Default = 3x3x3.

-g, --intensity-difference-sigma 1.0

Intensity difference sigma. Default = 1.0

-t, --patch-similarity-sigma 1.0

Patch similarity sigma. Default = 1.0

-s, --scale-levels 32x16x8x2x1

Scale levels. Default = 32x16x8x2x1
NearestNeighbor Gaussian[<sigma=imageSpacing>,<alpha=1.0>] BSpline[<order=3>] CosineWindowedSinc WelchWindowedSinc HammingWindowedSinc LanczosWindowedSinc
Several interpolation options are available in ITK. These have all been made available.

-o, --output outputImage

The output consists of the noise corrected version of the input image. Optionally, one can also output the estimated noise image.


Get Version Information.

-v, --verbose (0)/1

Verbose output.


Print the help menu (short version).


Print the help menu. <VALUES>: 1
October 2017 NonLocalSuperResolution 2.2.0