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RTKRCV(1) General Commands Manual RTKRCV(1)


rtkrcv - realtime positioning


rtkrcv [-s][-p port|-d dev][-o file][-t level]


A command line version of the real-time positioning AP by RTKLIB. To start or stop RTK server, to configure options or to print solution/status, login a console and input commands. As default, stdin/stdout are used for the console. Use -p option for network login with telnet protocol. To show the available commands, type ? or help on the console. The initial processing options are loaded from default configuration file rtkrcv.conf. To change the file, use -o option. To configure the processing options, edit the configuration file or use set, load or save command on the console. To shutdown the program, use shutdown command on the console or send the USR2 signal to the process.


start RTK server on program startup
-p port
port number for telnet console
-m port
port number for monitor stream
-d dev
terminal device for console
-o file
configuration file
-r level
output solution status file (0:off,1:states,2:residuals)
-t level
debug trace level (0:off,1-5:on)


Start RTK server. No need the command if the program runs with -s option.
Stop RTK server.
Restart RTK server. If the processing options are set, execute the command to enable the changes.
solution [cycle]
Show solutions. Without option, only one solution is shown. With option, the solution is displayed at intervals of cycle (s). To stop cyclic display, send break (ctr-C).
status [cycle]
Show RTK status. Use option cycle for cyclic display.
satellite [cycle]
Show satellite status. Use option cycle for cyclic display.
observ [cycle]
Show observation data. Use option cycle for cyclic display.
navidata [cycle]
Show navigation data. Use option cycle for cyclic display.
stream [cycle]
Show stream status. Use option cycle for cyclic display.
Show error/warning messages. To stop messages, send break (ctr-C).
option [opt]
Show the values of processing options. Without option, all options are displayed. With option, only pattern-matched options are displayed.
set opt [val]
Set the value of a processing option to val. Without option val, prompt message is shown to input the value. The change of the processing option is not enabled before RTK server is restarted.
load [file]
Load processing options from file. Without option, default file rtkrcv.conf is used. To enable the changes, restart RTK server.
save [file]
Save current processing options to file. Without option, default file rtkrcv.conf is used.
log [file|off]
Record console log to file. To stop recording the log, use option off.
help|? [path]
Show the command list. With option path, the stream path options are shown.
Exit and logout console. The status of RTK server is not affected by the command.
Shutdown RTK server and exit the program.
!command [arg...]
Execute command by the operating system shell. Do not use the interactive command.


Short form of a command is allowed. In case of the short form, the command is distinguished according to header characters.
July 29 2016