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convbin(1) General Commands Manual convbin(1)


convbin - convert rtcm/raw/rinex to rinex, sbas/lex format


convbin [option ...] file


Convert RTCM, receiver raw data log and RINEX file to RINEX and SBAS/LEX message file. SBAS message file complies with RTKLIB SBAS/LEX message format. It supports the following messages or files. RTCM 2 : Type 1, 3, 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22 RTCM 3 : Type 1002, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1010, 1012, 1019, 1020 Type 1071-1127 (MSM except for compact msg) NovAtel OEMV/4,OEMStar: RANGECMPB, RANGEB, RAWEPHEMB, IONUTCB, RAWWASSFRAMEB NovAtel OEM3 : RGEB, REGD, REPB, FRMB, IONB, UTCB u-blox LEA-4T/5T/6T : RXM-RAW, RXM-SFRB NovAtel Superstar II : ID#20, ID#21, ID#22, ID#23, ID#67 Hemisphere : BIN76, BIN80, BIN94, BIN95, BIN96 SkyTraq S1315F : msg0xDD, msg0xE0, msg0xDC GW10 : msg0x08, msg0x03, msg0x27, msg0x20 Javad : [BR*], [r*], [*R], [*r], [P*], [p*], [*P], [*p], [D*], [*d], [E*], [*E], [F*], [TC], [GE], [NE], [EN], [QE], [UO], [IO], [WD] NVS : BINR BINEX : big-endian, regular CRC, forward record (0xE2), 0x01-01,0x01-02,0x01-03,0x01-04,0x01-06,0x7f-05 Trimble : RT17 Septentrio : SBF RINEX : OBS, NAV, GNAV, HNAV, LNAV, QNAV

OPTIONS [default]

input receiver binary log file
-ts y/m/d h:m:s
start time [all]
-te y/m/d h:m:s
end time [all]
-tr y/m/d h:m:s
approximated time for rtcm messages
-ti tint
observation data interval (s) [all]
-span span
time span (h) [all]
-r format
log format type rtcm2 = RTCM 2 rtcm3 = RTCM 3 nov = NovAtel OEMV/4/6,OEMStar oem3 = NovAtel OEM3 ubx = ublox LEA-4T/5T/6T ss2 = NovAtel Superstar II hemis = Hemisphere Eclipse/Crescent stq = SkyTraq S1315F javad = Javad nvs = NVS NV08C BINR binex = BINEX rt17 = Trimble RT17 sbf = Septentrio SBF rinex = RINEX
-ro opt
receiver options
-f freq
number of frequencies [2]
-hc comment
rinex header: comment line
-hm marker
rinex header: marker name
-hn markno
rinex header: marker number
-ht marktype
rinex header: marker type
-ho observ
rinex header: oberver name and agency separated by /
-hr rec
rinex header: receiver number, type and version separated by /
-ha ant
rinex header: antenna number and type separated by /
-hp pos
rinex header: approx position x/y/z separated by /
-hd delta
rinex header: antenna delta h/e/n separated by /
-v ver
rinex version [2.11]
include doppler frequency in rinex obs [off]
include snr in rinex obs [off]
include iono correction in rinex nav header [off]
include time correction in rinex nav header [off]
include leap seconds in rinex nav header [off]
scan input file [off]
-mask [sig[,...]]
signal mask(s) (sig={G|R|E|J|S|C}L{1C|1P|1W|...})
-nomask [sig[,...]]
signal no mask (same as above)
-x sat
exclude satellite
-y sys
exclude systems (G:GPS,R:GLONASS,E:Galileo,J:QZSS,S:SBAS,C:BeiDou)
-d dir
output directory [same as input file]
-c staid
use RINEX file name convention with staid [off]
-o ofile
output RINEX OBS file
-n nfile
output RINEX NAV file
-g gfile
output RINEX GNAV file
-h hfile
output RINEX HNAV file
-q qfile
output RINEX QNAV file
-l lfile
output RINEX LNAV file
-s sfile
output SBAS message file
-trace level
output trace level [off]


If any output file specified, default output files (<file>.obs, <file>.nav, <file>.gnav, <file>.hnav, <file>.qnav, <file>.lnav and <file>.sbs) are used.

If receiver type is not specified, type is recognized by the input file extension as follows. *.rtcm2 RTCM 2 *.rtcm3 RTCM 3 *.gps NovAtel OEMV/4/6,OEMStar *.ubx u-blox LEA-4T/5T/6T *.log NovAtel Superstar II *.bin Hemisphere Eclipse/Crescent *.stq SkyTraq S1315F *.jps Javad *.bnx,*binex BINEX *.rt17 Trimble RT17 *.sbf Septentrio SBF *.obs,*.*o RINEX OBS

July 29 2016