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NE(1) General Commands Manual NE(1)


ne - A nice editor


ne [options] files
[--help] [--] [+[N[,M]]] [--binary] [--read-only] [--utf8] [--no-utf8] [--ansi] [--no-ansi] [--no-config] [--no-syntax] [--prefs ext] [--keys key-configuration-file] [--menus menu-configuration-file] [--macro macro-file]


ne is a free text editor that runs on (hopefully almost) any UN*X machine. ne is easy to use for the beginner, but powerful and fully configurable for the wizard, and most sparing in its resource usage.

This documentation is incomplete. The Texinfo/info/HTML/PDF documentation is the authoritative source (try info ne or info -f ne).


Prints a help message.
Next token is a filename. May appear more than once.
Moves to the last or N-th line, first or M-th column of the next named file. May appear more than once.
Load the next named file in binary mode. May appear more than once.
Load the next file in read-only mode. May appear more than once.
Use UTF-8 I/O.
Do not use UTF-8 I/O.
Use the built-in ANSI sequences.
Never use the built-in ANSI sequences.
Skip reading the menu and keyboard configuration files.
Disable syntax-highlighting support.
--prefs ext
Set autoprefs for the provided extension before loading the first file.
--keys key-configuration-file
Use the specified keyboard configuration file.
--menus menu-configuration-file
Use the specified menu configuration file.
--macro macro-file
Execute the given macro after startup.


Start ne, then use escape, escape-escape or F1 to access the menus.


Please send bug reports to Sebastiano Vigna <> or Todd Lewis <>.


ne was originally written by Sebastiano Vigna. Todd M. Lewis added several new features. Daniele Filaretti helped with syntax highlighting.
by Sebastiano Vigna and Todd M. Lewis ne