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MINIUPNPD(8) System Manager's Manual MINIUPNPD(8)


miniupnpd - UPnP Internet Gateway Device Daemon


miniupnpd [-f config_file] [-i ext_ifname] [-o ext_ip] [-a listening_ip] [-p port] [-d] [-U] [-S] [-N] [-u uuid] [-s serial] [-m model_number] [-t notify_interval] [-P pid_filename] [-B down up] [-w url] [-r clean_ruleset_interval] [-A permission rule] [-b BOOTID] [-1]


miniupnpd act as a UPnP Internet Gateway Device. It is designed to run on the gateway between the internet and a NAT'ed LAN. It provides an interface, as defined in the UPnP standard, for enabling clients on the LAN to ask for port redirections.


-f config_file
load the config from file. default is /etc/miniupnpd.conf.
-i ext_ifname
interface used to connect to the internet.
-o ext_ip
address used to connect to the internet. default address of the interface will be used if not specified.
-a listening_ip
address on the LAN. -a option can by used multiple time if LAN is subdivised in several subnetworks.
-p port
port used for HTTP.
debug mode : do not go to background, output messages on console and do not filter out low priority messages.
report system uptime instead of daemon uptime to clients.
sets "secure" mode : clients can only add mappings to their own ip
enables NAT-PMP functionality.
-u uuid
set the uuid of the UPnP Internet Gateway Device.
-s serial
serial number for the UPnP Internet Gateway Device.
-m model_number
model number for the UPnP Internet Gateway Device.
-t notify_interval
SSDP notify interval in seconds : SSDP announce messages will be broadcasted at this interval.
-P pid_filename
pid file. default is /var/run/
-B down up
download and upload bitrates reported to clients.
-w url
presentation url. default is first address on LAN, port 80.
-r clean_ruleset_interval
(minimum) interval between unused rules cleaning checks.
-A permission rule
use following syntax for permission rules : (allow|deny) (external port range) ip/mask (internal port range)
examples : "allow 1024-65535 1024-65535" "deny 0-65535 0-65535"
sets the value of BOOTID.UPNP.ORG SSDP header
force reporting IGDv1 in rootDesc when compiled as IGDv2 *use with care*


minissdpd(1) miniupnpc(3)