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Markdent::Dialect::Standard(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Markdent::Dialect::Standard(3pm)


Markdent::Dialect::Standard - Markdown as defined by John Gruber


  use Markdent::Parser;

  my $parser = Markdent::Parser->new( handler => ... );


The "Standard" dialect is plain Markdown as defined by John Gruber (<>) and as implemented by Dingus (<>).

This is the default dialect, so you do not need to ask for it explicitly.


The Standard dialect as implemented by Markdent differs from Dingus in a few ways:
  • HTML attribute quote delimiters are not preserved, so a single quote may be converted into a double quote.
  • Whitespace on an empty line in a code block is preserved by Markdent, but not by Dingus.
  • Markdent will not generate bad HTML from Markdown markup. Markdent does not allow unbalanced markup events to propagate, and will turn unbalanced events into plain text.

    Here is an example:

      *em **strong* wtf**

    Dingus turns this into:

      <p><em>em <strong>strong</em> wtf</strong></p>

    Markdent's HTML output for the same:

      <p><em>em **strong</em> wtf**</p>

    Note that with inline HTML, Markdent echoes it more or less as-is, so you can still produce bad HTML with Markdent.


See Markdent for bug reporting details.


Dave Rolsky, <>


Copyright 2009-2012 Dave Rolsky, All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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