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globus_gass_copy_glob_stat_t(3) globus_gass_copy globus_gass_copy_glob_stat_t(3)


globus_gass_copy_glob_stat_t - Glob expanded entry information.


#include <globus_gass_copy.h>

Data Fields

globus_gass_copy_glob_entry_t type
char * unique_id
char * symlink_target
int mode
int mdtm
globus_off_t size

Detailed Description

Glob expanded entry information.

Field Documentation

int globus_gass_copy_glob_stat_t::mdtm

An integer specifying the modification time of the file. It is set to -1 when not available.

int globus_gass_copy_glob_stat_t::mode

An integer specifying the mode of the file. It is set to -1 when not available.

globus_off_t globus_gass_copy_glob_stat_t::size

A globus_off_t specifying the size of the file. It is set to -1 when not available.
This points to the full path of the target of a symlink. It is NULL for non-symlinks or when not available.

globus_gass_copy_glob_entry_t globus_gass_copy_glob_stat_t::type

The file type of the entry

char* globus_gass_copy_glob_stat_t::unique_id

A string that uniquely identifies the data that the entry refers to. A file and a symlink to that file will have the same unique_id. It is NULL for when not available.


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