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apriboot(1) Emulators apriboot(1)


apriboot - rewrite disc boot sector, converting between Apricot and PCDOS


apriboot [-format FORMAT] [-type TYPE] [-side SIDE] [-comp COMP] [-retry COUNT] [-pcdos] [-apricot] DISKIMAGE [DSKIMAGE...]


Apriboot rewrites the boot sector of the selected disc (or image), converting it between standard PCDOS format and the format used by the Apricot PC / Xi / F-series computers.


-type TYPE
Determines which driver is to be used.
-retry COUNT
Set the number of times to attempt to read the disc in case of error.

-comp COMP
Select the compression method used on the source disc image file (has no effect when reading a floppy disc).
-side SIDE
Determines which side (0 or 1) of the disc (image) is to be identified.

-format FORMAT
Selects a fixed format. Should not be necessary.

Forces the program to convert to Apricot format; if the boot sector is already in Apricot format, does nothing.

Forces the program to convert to PCDOS format; if the boot sector is already in PCDOS format, does nothing. If neither -pcdos nor -apricot is supplied, the boot sector will be set to the opposite of whatever is currently in use.




John Elliott <>.
17 September 2018 Version 1.5.9