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DBILOGSTRIP(1p) User Contributed Perl Documentation DBILOGSTRIP(1p)


dbilogstrip - filter to normalize DBI trace logs for diff'ing


Read DBI trace file "dbitrace.log" and write out a stripped version to "dbitrace_stripped.log"

  dbilogstrip dbitrace.log > dbitrace_stripped.log

Run "" twice, each with different sets of arguments, with DBI_TRACE enabled. Filter the output and trace through "dbilogstrip" into a separate file for each run. Then compare using diff. (This example assumes you're using a standard shell.)

  DBI_TRACE=2 perl ...args1... 2>&1 | dbilogstrip > dbitrace1.log
  DBI_TRACE=2 perl ...args2... 2>&1 | dbilogstrip > dbitrace2.log
  diff -u dbitrace1.log dbitrace2.log


Replaces any hex addresses, e.g, 0x128f72ce with "0xN".

Replaces any references to process id or thread id, like "pid#6254" with "pidN".

So a DBI trace line like this:

  -> STORE for DBD::DBM::st (DBI::st=HASH(0x19162a0)~0x191f9c8 'f_params' ARRAY(0x1922018)) thr#1800400

will look like this:

  -> STORE for DBD::DBM::st (DBI::st=HASH(0xN)~0xN 'f_params' ARRAY(0xN)) thrN
2020-09-10 perl v5.28.1