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lepton-schdiff(1) lepton-schdiff(1)


lepton-schdiff - Graphical diff tool for schematics


lepton-schdiff [-d VIEWER] infile1.sch infile2.sch


The lepton-schdiff program will use ImageMagick(1) to display a graphical diff of two schematic files. It's most useful when combined with a revision control system so it can compare two revisions of the same file, review changes, etc. However, it is limited in that it can only compare two files at a time; it cannot diff entire directories nor can it diff an entire revision (unless that revision affected only one file).

VIEWER command, if specified, will be used to display the result. By default, it's display program from the ImageMagick package.

lepton-schdiff can easily be configured to work with most revision control systems. Here are instructions for three:

git: Use the difftool command exactly as you would use diff , but supply the -x lepton-schdiff option.

mercurial: Use the lepton-schdiff command exactly as you would use diff , but add the following lines to your .hgrc:

[extensions] hgext.extdiff = [extdiff] cmd.schdiff = lepton-schdiff

subversion: Use the diff command like normal, but supply the --diff-cmd lepton-schdiff option.

Note: To make lepton-schdiff work properly, all page contents should be enclosed in some form of bounding box (e.g. a title block), otherwise the symbols in exported images could have different relative positions and/or sizes, resulting in a difference image that is rather hard to comprehend.


Use git to view the changes to a file between two revisions
git difftool -x lepton-schdiff 182110f690c51eb53ea1799fd022e87322d742e3 039e012397f2638d1577dd7c80fb862a5503dbfd cpu.sch

Use mercurial to see all the changes since a specific revision
hg schdiff -r 8442880f9835 cpld.sch

Use subversion to review a specific revision
svn diff --diff-cmd lepton-schdiff -c 49 power.sch


If you find one, please report it at


Alan Somers


composite(1), display(1), git(1), lepton-schematic(1), hg(1), svn(1)
December 11, 2018 Lepton EDA