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JANUS(1) General Commands Manual JANUS(1)


janus - WebRTC server/gateway


janus [options]


janus is a WebRTC server/gateway developed by Meetecho conceived to be a general purpose one. As such, it doesn't provide any functionality per se other than implementing the means to set up a WebRTC media communication with a browser or application, exchanging JSON messages with it over different transports, and relaying RTP/RTCP and messages between clients and the server-side application logic they're attached to. Any specific feature/application is provided by server side plugins, that browsers can then contact via the server to take advantage of the functionality they provide. Example of such plugins can be implementations of applications like echo tests, conference bridges, media recorders, SIP gateways and the like.
The reason for this is simple: we wanted something that would have a small footprint (hence a C implementation) and that we could only equip with what was really needed (hence pluggable modules). That is, something that would allow us to deploy either a full-fledged WebRTC server on the cloud, or a small nettop/box to handle a specific use case.


-h, --help
Print help and exit
-V, --version
Print version and exit
-b, --daemon
Launch Janus in background as a daemon (default=off)
-p, --pid-file=path
Open the specified PID file when starting Janus (default=none)
-N, --disable-stdout
Disable stdout based logging (default=off)
-L, --log-file=path
Log to the specified file (default=stdout only)
-i, --interface=ipaddress
Interface to use (will be the public IP)
-P, --plugins-folder=path
Plugins folder (default=./plugins)
-C, --config=filename
Configuration file to use
-F, --configs-folder=path
Configuration files folder (default=./conf)
-c, --cert-pem=filename
DTLS certificate
-k, --cert-key=filename
DTLS certificate key
-K, --cert-pwd=text
DTLS certificate key passphrase (if needed)
-S, --stun-server=ip:port
STUN server(:port) to use, if needed (e.g., Janus behind NAT, default=none)
-1, --nat-1-1=ip
Public IP to put in all host candidates, assuming a 1:1 NAT is in place (e.g., Amazon EC2 instances, default=none)
-E, --ice-enforce-list=list
Comma-separated list of the only interfaces to use for ICE gathering; partial strings are supported (e.g., eth0 or eno1,wlan0, default=none)
-X, --ice-ignore-list=list
Comma-separated list of interfaces or IP addresses to ignore for ICE gathering; partial strings are supported (e.g., vmnet8,, or vmnet,192.168., default=vmnet)
-6, --ipv6-candidates
Whether to enable IPv6 candidates or not (experimental) (default=off)
-l, --libnice-debug
Whether to enable libnice debugging or not (default=off)
-f, --full-trickle
Do full-trickle instead of half-trickle (default=off)
-I, --ice-lite
Whether to enable the ICE Lite mode or not (default=off)
-T, --ice-tcp
Whether to enable ICE-TCP or not (warning: only works with ICE Lite) (default=off)
-R, --rfc-4588
Whether to enable RFC4588 retransmissions support or not (default=off)
-q, --max-nack-queue=number
Maximum size of the NACK queue per user for retransmissions
-t, --no-media-timer=number
Time (in s) that should pass with no media (audio or video) being received before Janus notifies you about this
-r, --rtp-port-range=min-max
Port range to use for RTP/RTCP
-n, --server-name=name
Public name of this Janus instance (default=MyJanusInstance)
-s, --session-timeout=number
Session timeout value, in seconds (default=60)
-m, --reclaim-session-timeout=number
Reclaim session timeout value, in seconds (default=0)
-d, --debug-level=1-7
Debug/logging level (0=disable debugging, 7=maximum debug level; default=4)
-D, --debug-timestamps
Enable debug/logging timestamps (default=off)
-o, --disable-colors
Disable color in the logging (default=off)
-M, --debug-locks
Enable debugging of locks/mutexes (very verbose! default=off)
-a, --apisecret=randomstring
API secret all requests need to pass in order to be accepted by Janus (useful when wrapping Janus API requests in a server, none by default)
-A, --token-auth
Enable token-based authentication for all requests (default=off)
-e, --event-handlers
Enable event handlers (default=off)


janus - Launch Janus with all options from configurations files
janus -b -L /tmp/januslog - Launch Janus as a daemon and log to the specified file
janus -6 - Launch Janus with IPv6 support enabled
janus -f -R - Launch Janus with full-trickle and RFC4588 retransmissions enabled


If you think you found a bug or want to contribute a feature, you can issue or a pull request on
Anyway, before doing that make sure you read the documentation at and that it has not been discussed already at!forum/meetecho-janus. We only use Github for code issues, and NOT for configuration or usage issues: use the group for that.

SEE ALSO - Official repository - Demos and documentation!forum/meetecho-janus - Community - Tutorials and blog posts on Janus


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