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fenix-fpg(1) fenix-fpg(1)


fenix-fpg - create packages of multiple images for fenix


fenix-fpg [option] filename.fpg [image ...]


This program is used to package the images used in the game into a single file.


Describe the FPG file (default option): -v more verbose
Create a new FPG file, ptionally adding MAP (graphic) files
Create a new 8-bit FPG file, optionally adding MAP (graphic) files
Remove the selected files from inside the FPG file
Extract the colour palette(.PAL) of the file
Extract graphics (.MAP) from the FPG file and removes them from it
Extract graphics (.MAP) from the FPG file
Add graphics (.MAP) to the FPG file
Convert the .FPG to 16 bits
Level of compression (0 to 9)

Options -x and -e can select the graphics by their code. Ranges in the form a-b can be used, as well as comma-separated graphics. Options -p and -l admit multiple FPG files.


fenix(1), fenix-fxc(1), fenix-fxi(1), fenix-map(1)