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comitup-conf(5) comitup-conf(5)


comitup.conf - Comitup configuration file format


The comitup.conf file configures the wifi management service comitup(8). It is located in the /etc/ directory.


ap_name: By default, comitup will create a hotspot named comitup-<nn>, and publish avahi-daemon(8) host entries for comitup-<nn> and comitup. Setting this entry will change the comitup string with one of the users choosing. If the configuration variable contains an <nn> string, with one to 4 “n's”, it will be replaced with a persistent, random number.
web_service: This defines a user web service to be controlled by comitup. This service will be disabled in the HOTSPOT state in preference of the comitup web service, and will be enabled in the CONNECTED state. This should be the name of the systemd web service, such as apache2.service or nginx.service. This defaults to a null string, meaning no service is controlled.
enable_appliance_mode: By default, comitup will use multiple wifi interfaces, if available, to connect to the local hotspot and to the internet simultaneously. Setting this to something other than “true” will limit comitup to the first wifi interface.

The path to an external script that is called on comitup state changes. It will include a single argument, either `HOTSPOT', `CONNECTING', or `CONNECTED'. The script will run as the owning user and group.


Override the default choice for the primary WiFi device to use.

Comitup is Copyright (C) 2016-2017 David Steele <>


comitup(8), comitup-cli(1), comitup-web(8)
April 2018