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smsq - helper to send SMS messages


smsq <oa/da> <message>


smsq is a simple helper application designed to make it easy to send messages from a command line. it is intended to run on the Asterisk box and have direct access to the queue directories for SMS and for Asterisk.


-q, --queue=number[-X]
Queue [inc sub address] (default: "")
-d, --da=number
Destination address
-o, --oa=number
Origination address
-m, --ud=text
-f, --ud-file=filename
Message file
File treated as null terminated UTF-8 (default)
File treated as UCS-1
File treated as UCS-2
-t, --mt
Mobile Terminated
Mobile Originated
Send message
-r, --rx
Queue for receipt
-e, --process=command
Rx queue process command
-x, --no-dial
Do not dial
Do not wait if already calling
Number of concurrent calls to allow (default: 1)
Channel for motx calls (default: "Local/1709400X")
Caller ID for motx calls (default is queue name without sub address)
Time to wait for motx call to answer (default: 10)
Time between motx call retries (default: 1)
Number of retries for motx call (default: 10)
Channel for mttx calls (default is Local/ and queue name without sub address)
Caller ID for mttx calls (default is queue name without sub address) (default: "080058752X0")
Time to wait for mttx call to answer (default: 10)
Time between mttx call retries (default: 30)
Number of retries for mttx call (default: 100)
-n, --mr=n
Message reference
-p, --pid=n
Protocol ID
-c, --dcs=n
Data Coding Scheme
User data header
Status Report Request
Return Path request
Validity Period
Default sub address (default: "9")
Asterisk spool dir (default: "/var/spool/asterisk")

Help options:

-?, --help
Show this help message
Display brief usage message




This manual page was written by Jeremy Lainé <>.
May 2014 Asterisk trunk