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al_get_system_config(3alleg5) al_get_system_config(3alleg5)


al_get_system_config - Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>
ALLEGRO_CONFIG *al_get_system_config(void)



Returns the system configuration structure. The returned configuration should not be destroyed with al_destroy_config(3alleg5). This is mainly used for configuring Allegro and its addons. You may populate this configuration before Allegro is installed to control things like the logging levels and other features.

Allegro will try to populate this configuration by loading a configuration file from a few different locations, in this order:

Unix only: /etc/allegro5rc
Unix only: $HOME/allegro5rc
Unix only: $HOME/.allegro5rc
allegro5.cfg next to the executable

If multiple copies are found, then they are merged using al_merge_config_into(3alleg5).

The contents of this file are documented inside a prototypical allegro5.cfg that you can find in the root directory of the source distributions of Allegro. They are also reproduced below.

Note that Allegro will not look into that file unless you make a copy of it and place it next to your executable!


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