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WEECHAT(1) WeeChat Manual WEECHAT(1)


weechat - the extensible chat client


weechat [-a|--no-connect] [-d|--dir <path>] [-t|--temp-dir] [-p|--no-plugin] [-P|--plugins <plugins>] [-r|--run-command <command>] [-s|--no-script] [--upgrade] [debug-option...] [plugin:option...]
weechat [-c|--colors]
weechat [-h|--help]
weechat [-l|--license]
weechat [-v|--version]


WeeChat (Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat) is a free chat client, fast and light, designed for many operating systems. It is highly customizable and extensible with scripts.


-a, --no-connect
Disable auto-connect to servers when WeeChat is starting.

-c, --colors

Display default colors in terminal.


Run WeeChat in background, as a daemon (works only with the command weechat-headless).

-d, --dir <path>

Set path as home for WeeChat (used for configuration files, logs, user plugins and scripts), default value is "~/.weechat" (note: directory is created if not found by WeeChat). If this option is not given, the environment variable WEECHAT_HOME is used (if not empty).

-t, --temp-dir

Create a temporary WeeChat home directory and delete it on exit (incompatible with option "-d").
The name of the directory is automatically built by WeeChat, with this template: "weechat_temp_XXXXXX" (where "XXXXXX" is random). It it created in the first available directory in this list: environment variable "TMPDIR", "/tmp" (may be different according to the operating system), environment variable "HOME", current directory.
The temporary home directory has permissions 0700 (only owner can read, write and execute).

-h, --help

Display help.

-l, --license

Display WeeChat license.

-p, --no-plugin

Disable plugins auto-load.

-P, --plugins <plugins>

Load only these plugins at startup (see /help weechat.plugin.autoload). If this option is given, the option weechat.plugin.autoload is not used.

-r, --run-command <command>

Run command(s) after startup; many commands can be separated by semicolons, this option can be given multiple times.

-s, --no-script

Disable scripts auto-load.


Upgrade WeeChat using session files generated with command /upgrade -quit.

-v, --version

Display WeeChat version.


Option for a plugin.


WARNING: these options are for debug purposes only, DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION!


Do not call the function dlclose after plugins are unloaded. This is useful with tools like Valgrind to display stack for unloaded plugins.


Do not call the init and deinit functions of GnuTLS library. This is useful with tools like Valgrind and electric-fence, to prevent GnuTLS memory errors.


Do not call the init and deinit functions of Gcrypt library. This is useful with tools like Valgrind, to prevent Gcrypt memory errors.


For complete doc on plugin options, please look at plugins documentation in WeeChat user’s guide <>.

With irc plugin, you can connect to temporary server with an URL like:


To join WeeChat IRC channel support with nick "mynick":

IPv6 address can be enclosed in brackets to add a port after address, for example:


main WeeChat configuration file


plugins configuration file


configuration file with secured data


configuration file for alias plugin


configuration file for buflist plugin


configuration file for charset plugin


configuration file for exec plugin


configuration file for fifo plugin


configuration file for fset plugin


configuration file for guile plugin


configuration file for irc plugin


configuration file for javascript plugin


configuration file for logger plugin


configuration file for lua plugin


configuration file for perl plugin


configuration file for php plugin


configuration file for python plugin


configuration file for relay plugin


configuration file for ruby plugin


configuration file for script plugin


configuration file for spell plugin


configuration file for tcl plugin


configuration file for trigger plugin


configuration file for xfer plugin


WeeChat log file




This manpage was written by Sébastien Helleu.


WeeChat is written by Sébastien Helleu and contributors (complete list is in the AUTHORS.adoc file).

Copyright © 2003-2020 Sébastien Helleu

WeeChat is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Please read the COPYING file for more information.

Web: <>


For help or a bug report: <>


Sébastien Helleu
WeeChat 2.8