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splat(1) User Commands splat(1)


splat - Solaris Porting LAyer Tests


splat [-chvx] < --all | --list | --test subsystem:test [...] >


This utility uses the splat.ko kernel module to test the spl.ko kernel module. Run "modprobe splat" before invoking splat.


-a, --all

Run all available tests on all subsystems.

-c, --nocolor

Disable output highlighting. By default, "Fail" is printed in red text and "Pass" is printed in green text.

-h, --help

Print the usage message.

-l, --list

For each spl.ko subsystem, print all available test names and hexadecimal identifiers with a short description.

-t subsystem:test, --test subsystem:test

-t subsystem:all, --test subsystem:all

Run the test diagnostic routine for the spl.ko subsystem. Specify this option more than once to run multiple tests.

The test and subsystem parameters are the names or hexadecimal identifiers returned by the splat --list command.

If subsystem is a name and not a hexadecimal identifier, then the all keyword can be used to run all available subsystem tests.

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity.

-x, --exit

Stop running tests after the first failure.


Test everything in the spl.ko kernel module:
# splat --all --verbose

Test the entire kernel memory subsystem:

# splat --test kmem:all

Test the kernel compression and queue waiting facilities:

# splat --test zlib:compress/uncompress --test taskq:wait

This is the same as the previous command, except that the subsystems and tests are referenced by hexadecimal identifier instead of by name:

# splat -t 0x0f00:0x0f01 -t 0x0200:0x0204


All tests always return a green "Pass" result on a healthy system. Any red "Fail" result should be investigated or reported.


Some tests can deadlock the kernel if an X11 desktop is running, especially if a proprietary blob driver is loaded for the video hardware.


This man page was written by Darik Horn <>.


zpios(1), ztest(1)
2013 MAR 16 ZFS on Linux