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PPC64_CPU(8) Linux on Power Service Tools PPC64_CPU(8)


ppc64_cpu - Display cpu characteristics of PowerPC systems


/usr/sbin/ppc64_cpu [ command ] [ options ]


The ppc64_cpu command is used to display and set cpu characteristics on PowerPC platforms.


--smt [-n]
Display the current smt setting for the system. The output will state whether smt is off indicating there is only one thread per core online, smt is on indicating that all threads of every core is online, the smt is in a mixed state indicating that the number of threads online varies per core, or SMT=X indicating a specific smt state.

Option -n dumps a numeric output instead of a verbose output.

Set the current smt state for the system to either on, which will online every thread in every core on the system, or off which will leave each core on the system with only one thread online.

Set the smt state for each core to the specified value.

Display the number of cores present.

Display the number of cores online.

Put exactly value number of cores online. Note that this will either online or offline cores to achieve the desired result.

Display the current Data Stream Control Register (DSCR) setting for the system.

Set the DSCR setting for the system to value.

--dscr [pid]
Display the DSCR setting for process pid.

--dscr=value [pid]
Set the DSCR to the specified value for process pid.

Display the current smt-snooze-delay setting.

Set the smt-snooze-delay to the specified value.

Display the current diagnostics run mode.

Set the current diagnostics run mode to value.

--frequency [-t time]
Determine the cpu frequency. The default sampling period is one second unless a time is specified with the -t time option.

Display the number of subcores per core.

Set the number of subcores per core to value.

Display the number of threads per core.

Display system state information. The output will print a line for each core and possible sub-core along with the thread numbers for each thread in the core with an asterick next to it if the thread is online.

Print the version number.


Written by Anton Blanchard and Nathan Fontenot
January 2015 Linux