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Munin::Common::Daemon(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Munin::Common::Daemon(3pm)


Munin::Common::Daemon - utilities for daemons.


The following daemon-related features are supported:
sd_notify: signal readiness of the daemon





Send a "ready" signal according to the "sd_notify" interface:

1. check whether the environment variable "NOTIFY_SOCKET" is defined
2. remove this variable from the environment (this interface is not propagated to children)
3. send the string "READY=1" to the socket

The function returns silently, if something fails.

The function should be called as soon as the service is ready to accept requests. Calling this function is always safe - independent of the caller supporting the "sd_notify" interface or not.

Examples for callers supporting the "sd_notify" interface:

systemd: see "Type=Notify" in "5" in systemd.exec
start-stop-daemon: see "--notify-await" in "8" in start-stop-daemon

See the specification of "sd_notify" <> for further details of this interface.

2021-01-20 perl v5.28.1