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notmuch-extract-patch(1) User Commands notmuch-extract-patch(1)


notmuch-extract-patch - extract a git patch series from notmuch


notmuch-extract-patch [mbox-extract-patch(1) options] [--] QUERY


notmuch-extract-patch is a wrapper around mbox-extract-patch(1) to extract a series of git patches from your notmuch database. It is designed to extract patches that were originally sent using git-send-email(1). It skips cover letters and replies/reviews in its output.


    % git checkout -b test-feature
    % notmuch-extract-patch thread:000000000000265f | git am


We inherit limitations of mbox-extract-patch(1).

notmuch-extract-patch can select patches to extract based on the reroll count (see -v in mbox-extract-patch(1)), but otherwise typical usage assumes that there is only one patch series in a thread.

If this assumption is violated, you would need to construct a notmuch query that includes only the patches you want to extract, which somewhat defeats the purpose of having this script.


notmuch(1), git-send-email(1), mbox-extract-patch(1)

Emacs functions 'notmuch-extract-thread-patches' and 'notmuch-extract-message-patches', provided by mailscripts.el


Sean Whitton <>

Rewrite, with additional features, of a script by Aurelien Aptel.

Debian Project perl v5.28.1