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knet_handle_crypto(3) Kronosnet Programmer's Manual knet_handle_crypto(3)


knet_handle_crypto - set up packet cryptographic signing & encryption


#include <libknet.h>

int knet_handle_crypto(
    knet_handle_t                    knet_h,
    struct knet_handle_crypto_cfg   *knet_handle_crypto_cfg



knet_h - pointer to knet_handle_t

knet_handle_crypto_cfg - pointer to a knet_handle_crypto_cfg structure

crypto_model should contain the model name. Currently only "openssl" and "nss" are supported. Setting to "none" will disable crypto.

crypto_cipher_type should contain the cipher algo name. It can be set to "none" to disable encryption. Currently supported by "nss" model: "aes128", "aes192" and "aes256". "openssl" model supports more modes and it strictly depends on the openssl build. See: EVP_get_cipherbyname openssl API call for details.

crypto_hash_type should contain the hashing algo name. It can be set to "none" to disable hashing. Currently supported by "nss" model: "md5", "sha1", "sha256", "sha384" and "sha512". "openssl" model supports more modes and it strictly depends on the openssl build. See: EVP_get_digestbyname openssl API call for details.

private_key will contain the private shared key. It has to be at least KNET_MIN_KEY_LEN long.

private_key_len length of the provided private_key.

Implementation notes/current limitations:

enabling crypto, will increase latency as packets have to processed.

enabling crypto might reduce the overall throughtput due to crypto data overhead.

re-keying is not implemented yet.

private/public key encryption/hashing is not currently planned.

crypto key must be the same for all hosts in the same knet instance.

it is safe to call knet_handle_crypto multiple times at runtime. The last config will be used. IMPORTANT: a call to knet_handle_crypto can fail due to: 1) failure to obtain locking 2) errors to initializing the crypto level. This can happen even in subsequent calls to knet_handle_crypto. A failure in crypto init will restore the previous crypto configuration.


struct knet_handle_crypto_cfg {
    char           crypto_model[16];
    char           crypto_cipher_type[16];
    char           crypto_hash_type[16];
    unsigned char  private_key[KNET_MAX_KEY_LEN];
    unsigned int   private_key_len;


knet_handle_crypto returns: 0 on success

-1 on error and errno is set.

-2 on crypto subsystem initialization error. No errno is provided at the moment (yet).


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