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Quickbook - WikiWiki style documentation tool geared towards C++ documentation


QuickBook is a WikiWiki style documentation tool geared towards C++ documentation using simple rules and markup for simple formatting tasks. QuickBook extends the WikiWiki concept. Like the WikiWiki, QuickBook documents are simple text files. A single QuickBook document can generate a fully linked set of nice HTML and PostScript/PDF documents complete with images and syntax- colorized source code.

Features include:

* generate BoostBook xml, to generate HTML, PostScript and PDF * simple markup to link to Doxygen-generated entities * macro system for simple text substitution * simple markup for italics, bold, preformatted, blurbs, code samples, tables, URLs, anchors, images, etc. * automatic syntax coloring of code samples * CSS support

Allowed options:

produce help message
print version string
disable XML pretty printing
--indent arg
indent spaces
--linewidth arg
line width
--input-file arg
input file
--output-file arg
output file
debug mode (for developers)
use Microsoft Visual Studio style error & warn message format

-I [ --include-path ] arg include path


The full documentation for Quickbook is maintained in HTML; see /usr/share/doc/libboostX.Y-doc/HTML/doc/html/quickbook.html
July 2009 Quickbook Version 1.4