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ZPOOL-GET(8) System Manager's Manual ZPOOL-GET(8)


zpool-getRetrieves properties for the specified ZFS storage pool(s)


zpool get [-Hp] [-o field[,field]...] all|property[,property]... [pool]...

zpool set property=value pool


zpool get [-Hp] [-o field[,field]...] all|property[,property]... [pool]...
Retrieves the given list of properties (or all properties if all is used) for the specified storage pool(s). These properties are displayed with the following fields:
        name          Name of storage pool
        property      Property name
        value         Property value
        source        Property source, either 'default' or 'local'.

See the zpoolprops manual page for more information on the available pool properties.

Scripted mode. Do not display headers, and separate fields by a single tab instead of arbitrary space.
A comma-separated list of columns to display. ,,, is the default value.
Display numbers in parsable (exact) values.
zpool set property=value pool
Sets the given property on the specified pool. See the zpoolprops manual page for more information on what properties can be set and acceptable values.


zpoolprops(8), zpool-list(8), zpool-features(5)

August 9, 2019 Linux