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yencode(3tcl) Text encoding & decoding binary data yencode(3tcl)


yencode - Y-encode/decode binary data


package require Tcl 8.2

package require yencode ?1.1.2?

::yencode::encode string

::yencode::decode string

::yencode::yencode ?-name string? ?-line integer? ?-crc32 boolean? (-file filename | ?--? string)

::yencode::ydecode (-file filename | ?--? string)


This package provides a Tcl-only implementation of the yEnc file encoding. This is a recently introduced method of encoding binary files for transmission through Usenet. This encoding packs binary data into a format that requires an 8-bit clean transmission layer but that escapes characters special to the NNTP posting protocols. See for details concerning the algorithm.

::yencode::encode string
returns the yEnc encoded data.
::yencode::decode string
Decodes the given yEnc encoded data.
::yencode::yencode ?-name string? ?-line integer? ?-crc32 boolean? (-file filename | ?--? string)
Encode a file or block of data.
::yencode::ydecode (-file filename | ?--? string)
Decode a file or block of data. A file may contain more than one embedded file so the result is a list where each element is a three element list of filename, file size and data.


Cause the yencode or ydecode commands to read their data from the named file rather that taking a string parameter.
The encoded data header line contains the suggested file name to be used when unpacking the data. Use this option to change this from the default of "data.dat".
The yencoded data header line contains records the line length used during the encoding. Use this option to select a line length other that the default of 128. Note that NNTP imposes a 1000 character line length limit and some gateways may have trouble with more than 255 characters per line.
The yEnc specification recommends the inclusion of a cyclic redundancy check value in the footer. Use this option to change the default from true to false.

% set d [yencode::yencode -file testfile.txt]
=ybegin line=128 size=584 name=testfile.txt

-o- data not shown -o- =yend size=584 crc32=ded29f4f




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encoding, yEnc, ydecode, yencode


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Copyright (c) 2002, Pat Thoyts
1.1.2 tcllib