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TAPSET::TCP(3stap) TAPSET::TCP(3stap)


tapset::tcp - systemtap tcp tapset


This family of probe points is used to probe events that occur in the TCP layer,

Sending a tcp message

See probe::tcp.sendmsg(3stap)
for details.

Sending TCP message is done

See probe::tcp.sendmsg.return(3stap)
for details.
Receiving TCP message

See probe::tcp.recvmsg(3stap)
for details.
Receiving TCP message complete

See probe::tcp.recvmsg.return(3stap)
for details.
TCP socket disconnection

See probe::tcp.disconnect(3stap)
for details.
TCP socket disconnection complete

See probe::tcp.disconnect.return(3stap)
for details.
Call to setsockopt()

See probe::tcp.setsockopt(3stap)
for details.

Return from setsockopt()

See probe::tcp.setsockopt.return(3stap)
for details.
Called when a TCP packet is received

See probe::tcp.receive(3stap)
for details.


probe::tcp.sendmsg(3stap), probe::tcp.sendmsg.return(3stap), probe::tcp.recvmsg(3stap), probe::tcp.recvmsg.return(3stap), probe::tcp.disconnect(3stap), probe::tcp.disconnect.return(3stap), probe::tcp.setsockopt(3stap), probe::tcp.setsockopt.return(3stap), probe::tcp.receive(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap)

November 2020 SystemTap Tapset Reference