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PUSHPIN(1) General Commands Manual PUSHPIN(1)


pushpin - HTTP reverse proxy server supporting streaming and long-polling services.


pushpin [--verbose] [--config=CONFIG] [--id=ID] [--port=PORT] [--route=ROUTE] [--merge-output]


This starts pushpin using the specified configuration (pushpin.conf).

In the default configuration, this also starts mongrel2, m2adapter, pushpin-proxy, pushpin-handler.

Specify configuration file. Default: /etc/pushpin/pushpin.conf.
Unique numeric ID to allow for multiple pushpin instances at the same time.
TCP port to listen on. Usually configured in pushpin.conf.
Connection forwarding specification. Usually configured in /etc/pushpin/routes.
Merge output of subprocessess with pushpin's output, instead of letting them write their own log files.


mongrel2(1) m2adapter(1) pushpin-proxy(1) pushpin-handler(1) zurl(1)

More documentation can be found at <>

July 12, 2016