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pure-quotacheck(8) Pure-FTPd pure-quotacheck(8)


pure-quotacheck - Update virtual quota files for Pure-FTPd


pure-quotacheck -u username/gid -d home directory [-g group/gid]


pure-quotacheck create a .ftpquota file in the specified directory.
This file contains the current file and size of the directory, and it is used by Pure-FTPd when virtual quotas are enabled.
It's recommended to periodically run pure-quotacheck for every user, in crontabs.


Scans the specified <directory>.
Sets the group files will be scanned as. This is optional: if a user name is passed to -u</fR>, group are automatically retrieved.
Set the user name files will be scanned as. This is mandatory, and it can't be "root".
Output usage information and exit.




To run this program the standard way type:

pure-quotacheck -u john -d /home/john


Frank DENIS <j at pureftpd dot org>


pure-quotacheck switches real and effective uids/gids as soon as possible. Root privileges are never given back.
pure-quotacheck refuses to scan directories with uid = 0 (root) or gid = 0 (wheel/root) .
pure-quotacheck performs a chroot() call to the home directory. It never traverses parent directories.
pure-quotacheck only scans real files (no socket, no pipe, etc) .
pure-quotacheck enforces read access on directories to prevent against people doing chmod 0 before a quota scan.
pure-quotacheck enforces write access on the home directory to properly write the .ftpquota file.
pure-quotacheck never scans the same inode/device pair twice.


ftp(1), pure-ftpd(8) pure-ftpwho(8) pure-mrtginfo(8) pure-uploadscript(8) pure-statsdecode(8) pure-pw(8) pure-quotacheck(8) pure-authd(8) pure-certd(8)

RFC 959, RFC 2228, RFC 2389 and RFC 2428.

1.0.49 Frank Denis