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PLOT3DC(3plplot) PLplot API PLOT3DC(3plplot)


plot3dc - Magnitude colored plot surface with contour


plot3dc(x, y, z, nx, ny, opt, clevel, nlevel)


Aside from dropping the side functionality this is a more powerful form of plot3d(3plplot): the surface mesh can be colored accordingly to the current z value being plotted, a contour plot can be drawn at the base XY plane, and a curtain can be drawn between the plotted function border and the base XY plane. The arguments are identical to those of plmeshc(3plplot). The only difference between plmeshc(3plplot) and plot3dc(3plplot) is that plmeshc(3plplot) draws the bottom side of the surface, while plot3dc(3plplot) only draws the surface as viewed from the top.

Redacted form: General: plot3dc(x, y, z, opt, clevel)

This function is used in example 21.


A vector containing the x coordinates at which the function is evaluated.
A vector containing the y coordinates at which the function is evaluated.
A matrix containing function values to plot. Should have dimensions of nx by ny.
Number of x values at which function is evaluated.
Number of y values at which function is evaluated.
Determines the way in which the surface is represented. To specify more than one option just add the options, e.g. DRAW_LINEXY + MAG_COLOR opt=DRAW_LINEX : Lines are drawn showing z as a function of x for each value of y[j] . opt=DRAW_LINEY : Lines are drawn showing z as a function of y for each value of x[i] . opt=DRAW_LINEXY : Network of lines is drawn connecting points at which function is defined. opt=MAG_COLOR : Each line in the mesh is colored according to the z value being plotted. The color is used from the current cmap1. opt=BASE_CONT : A contour plot is drawn at the base XY plane using parameters nlevel and clevel. opt=DRAW_SIDES : draws a curtain between the base XY plane and the borders of the plotted function.

A vector containing the contour levels.
Number of elements in the clevel vector.


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