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PHPAB(1) User Commands PHPAB(1)


phpab - PHPAB command line interface


phpab [switches] <directory1|file1|/path/to/composer.json> [...<directoryN|fileN>]


phpab %development% - Copyright (C) 2009 - 2020 by Arne Blankerts and Contributors

File pattern to include (default: *.php)
File pattern to exclude
Blacklist classname or namespace (wildcards supported)
Whitelist classname or namespace (wildcards supported)
Basedir for filepaths
Path to code template to use
Output file for generated code (default: STDOUT)
Create a phar archive (requires -o )
Include all files in given directory when creating a phar
Specify explicit internal phar alias filename (default: output filename)
Force given hash algorithm (SHA-1, SHA-256 or SHA-512) (requires -p, conflicts with --key)
Compress phar archive using bzip2 (requires -p) (bzip2 required)
Compress phar archive using gzip (requires -p) (gzip required)
OpenSSL key file to use for signing phar archive (requires -p) (openssl required)
Generate PHP 5.2 compatible code
Generate a static require file
Generate a static opcache warming file
Add opcache reset call when generating opcache warming file
-1, --prepend
Register as first autoloader (prepend to stack, default: append)
Do not throw exception on registration problem (default: throw exception)
Do not lowercase classnames for case insensitivity
Quiet mode, do not output any processing errors or information
Enable caching and set filename to use for cache storage
Enables following symbolic links (not compatible with phar mode)
Dateformat string for timestamp
Linebreak style (CR, CRLF or LF, default: LF)
String used for indenting or number of spaces (default: 16 (compat 12) spaces)
Ignore Class Redeclarations in the same file
Use require_once instead of require when creating a static require file
Do not check mimetype of files prior to parsing (default)
Do check mimetype of files prior to parsing
Assign value 'foo' to variable 'name' to be used in (custom) templates
Run lint on generated code and exit
PHP binary to use for linting (default: /usr/bin/php or c:\php\php.exe)
Prints this usage information
Prints the version and exits
December 2020 phpab 1.26.0