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pdfcube(1) pdfcube presentation viewer pdfcube(1)


pdfcube - a PDF presentation viewer with 3D effects.


pdfcube [FILE] [--help] [--bgcolor f:f:f] [--top-color f:f:f] [--no-fullscreen] [--demo] [--program n:x:n:x:...]


pdfcube(1) is a tiny (about 30KiB) viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files that adds spinning cube transition effect to your PDF presentation files. It can also zoom on 5 predefined areas with a smooth zooming effect. This program is suited only for landscape PDF files, mostly presentations done with LaTeX (Beamer, Prosper, etc.) or Impress.

If FILE is not given a file-open dialog box is shown to the user.

pdfcube(1) is an open source, low-effort, spare-time, money-less project. Your help is welcome!


This help message.
Version information
Background color is 'r:g:b' with real values between 0.0 and 1.0, no spaces.
Cube top color in 'r:g:b' format again with reals in [0,1].
Don't activate full-screen mode by default.
frame duration PDF attribute (\transduration when using Latex Beamer) or the specified program (see the --program option).
n:x:n:x:n:x... where n are durations in seconds and "x" can be either "c" for cube transition and "p" for plain transition. (e.g. --program 5:c:3:p). The last program is used for all remaining slides.


The first (and only) non-option string is treated as the input file.


Will display the next/previous page with a cube transition effect.
Will switch to the next page with the programmed effect.
Will zoom into the predefined areas.
Will undo any zoom.
Will exit pdfcube immediately.
Will quick-switch to the previous page.
Will quick-switch to the next page.
Will toggle full-screen mode.
Will toggle auto-advance (demo) mode.
Will redraw the screen.
Will jump to the page corresponding to the n-th programmed transition (if any).
1, 2, ..., 9
Will jump to page 5*(n-1).


If the ~/.pdfcuberc file exists, it is used as a configuration file. The configuration file uses the same options as the command line (using the boost program options syntax). e.g.



Will display 'foo.pdf' in full-screen.
Will display 'foo.pdf' in full-screen and will do a cube transition every 5 seconds.
Will display 'foo.pdf' with custom background and cube color.


On some systems color values are locale dependent (e.g. you may have to write 0,6 instead of 0.6)

See for the bugtracker of pdfcube(1) (you should obtain an account contacting the author first). Or please report any bug to the author.


Written by Mirko Maischberger <> and Karol Sokolowsky <>


Main web site:


I'd like to thank the LILiK laboratory in Florence, Italy for having teached me the value of open-source and open-culture.


This manpage is available under the same GPL v2 or later license as the main program, the original manpage was written by Alexander Wirt <> for the Debian distribution. The 0.0.5 version is Copyright (C) 2008-2012 Mirko Maischberger.

03/2012 pdfcube 0.0.5