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NTPTIME(8) System Manager's Manual NTPTIME(8)


ntptime - read kernel time variables


ntptime [ -chr ] [ -e est_error ] [ -f frequency ] [ -m max_error ] [ -o offset ] [ -s status ] [ -t time_constant ]


This program is useful only with special kernels described in the A Kernel Model for Precision Timekeeping page. It reads and displays time-related kernel variables using the ntp_gettime() system call. A similar display can be obtained using the ntpdc program and kerninfo command.


Display the execution time of ntptime itself.
Specify estimated error, in microseconds.
Specify frequency offset, in parts per million.
Display help information.
Specify max possible errors, in microseconds.
Specify clock offset, in microseconds.
Display Unix and NTP times in raw format.
Specify clock status. Better know what you are doing.
Specify time constant, an integer in the range 0-10.
October 7, 2006 Network Time Protocol