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RCHIVE(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual RCHIVE(1)


rchive - work with a local archive of Entrez document summaries


rchive [-help] [-strict] [-mixed] [-input filename] [-archive directory] [-index element] [-fetch directory] [-stream directory] [-flag strict|mixed|none] [-gzip] [-hash] [-trie] [-invert file...] [-join] [-fuse] [-merge directory field] [-promote directory field] [-path directory] [-query query] [-exact query] [-count query] [-counts query] [-version]


rchive creates, updates, or extracts records from a local archive of Entrez document summaries.


Processing Flags

Remove HTML and MathML tags.
Allow mixed content XML.

Data Source

Read XML from file instead of standard input.

Local Record Cache

Base path for saving individual XML files.
Use [parent/element@attribute^version] for identifier.
Base path for retrieving XML files.
Path for retrieving compressed XML files (left compressed).
Alternative syntax for specifying the corresponding options.
Use compression for local XML files.
Print UIDs and checksum values to standard output.
Print archive trie.

Local Record Index

Generate inverted index on specified field.
Collect subsets of inverted index files.
Combine subsets of inverted index files.
Combine inverted indices, dividing by term prefix.
Create term lists and posting files.
Path to postings directory.
Search on words or phrases in Boolean formulas.
Strict search for article title round-tripping.
Print terms and counts, merging wildcards.
Expand wildcards; print individual term counts.


Print usage information and some example argument combinations.
Print version number.


edirect(1), fetch-pubmed(1), ftp-cp(1), ftp-ls(1), index-extras(1), index-pubmed(1), pm-invert(1), pm-merge(1), pm-promote(1), pm-refresh(1), pm-stash(1), stream-pubmed(1), xtract(1).

2021-03-07 NCBI