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MYSQLTUNER(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation MYSQLTUNER(1)


 MySQLTuner 1.7.17 - MySQL High Performance Tuning Script


To run the script with the default options, run the script without arguments Allow MySQL server to run for at least 24-48 hours before trusting suggestions Some routines may require root level privileges (script will provide warnings) You must provide the remote server's total memory when connecting to other servers


 --host <hostname>           Connect to a remote host to perform tests (default: localhost)
 --socket <socket>           Use a different socket for a local connection
 --port <port>               Port to use for connection (default: 3306)
 --user <username>           Username to use for authentication
 --userenv <envvar>          Name of env variable which contains username to use for authentication
 --pass <password>           Password to use for authentication
 --passenv <envvar>          Name of env variable which contains password to use for authentication
 --ssl-ca <path>             Path to public key
 --mysqladmin <path>         Path to a custom mysqladmin executable
 --mysqlcmd <path>           Path to a custom mysql executable
 --defaults-file <path>      Path to a custom .my.cnf


 --skipsize                  Don't enumerate tables and their types/sizes (default: on)
                             (Recommended for servers with many tables)
 --skippassword              Don't perform checks on user passwords(default: off)
 --checkversion              Check for updates to MySQLTuner (default: don't check)
 --updateversion             Check for updates to MySQLTuner and update when newer version is available (default: don't check)
 --forcemem <size>           Amount of RAM installed in megabytes
 --forceswap <size>          Amount of swap memory configured in megabytes
 --passwordfile <path>       Path to a password file list(one password by line)


 --silent                    Don't output anything on screen
 --nogood                    Remove OK responses
 --nobad                     Remove negative/suggestion responses
 --noinfo                    Remove informational responses
 --debug                     Print debug information
 --noprocess                Consider no other process is running
 --dbstat                    Print database information
 --nodbstat                  Don't Print database information
 --tbstat                    Print table information
 --notbstat                  Don't Print table information
 --idxstat                   Print index information
 --noidxstat                 Don't Print index information
 --sysstat                   Print system information
 --nosysstat                 Don't Print system information
 --pfstat                    Print Performance schema
 --nopfstat                  Don't Print Performance schema
 --verbose                   Prints out all options (default: no verbose, dbstat, idxstat, sysstat, tbstat, pfstat)
 --bannedports               Ports banned separated by comma(,)
 --maxportallowed            Number of ports opened allowed on this hosts
 --cvefile <path>            CVE File for vulnerability checks
 --nocolor                   Don't print output in color
 --json                      Print result as JSON string
 --buffers                   Print global and per-thread buffer values
 --outputfile <path>         Path to a output txt file
 --reportfile <path>         Path to a report txt file
 --template   <path>         Path to a template file


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

  perldoc mysqltuner



 Internal documentation


Major Hayden -


  • Matthew Montgomery
  • Paul Kehrer
  • Dave Burgess
  • Jonathan Hinds
  • Mike Jackson
  • Nils Breunese
  • Shawn Ashlee
  • Luuk Vosslamber
  • Ville Skytta
  • Trent Hornibrook
  • Jason Gill
  • Mark Imbriaco
  • Greg Eden
  • Aubin Galinotti
  • Giovanni Bechis
  • Bill Bradford
  • Ryan Novosielski
  • Michael Scheidell
  • Blair Christensen
  • Hans du Plooy
  • Victor Trac
  • Everett Barnes
  • Tom Krouper
  • Gary Barrueto
  • Simon Greenaway
  • Adam Stein
  • Isart Montane
  • Baptiste M.
  • Cole Turner
  • Major Hayden
  • Joe Ashcraft
  • Jean-Marie Renouard
  • Stephan GroBberndt
  • Christian Loos


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Maintained by Major Hayden (major\ - Licensed under GPL



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Copyright (C) 2006-2018 Major Hayden -

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