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Munin::Master::Group(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Munin::Master::Group(3pm)


Munin::Master::Group - Holds information on host groups.

Groups can be nested.


  my $group = Munin::Master::Group->new($name, $parent);

Constructor. $name is the name of the group.


Sets attributes %attrs for the group. Valid attributes are:

Override the order of the hosts within the group.
The local address the update process should bind to when contacting the nodes in this group.
The contacts for this group. See <>.

An exception will be thrown if invalid attributes are provided.

(Full details here: <>.)


Adds host $host to the group.


Propagates the attributes of $group to all hosts in the group. (This does not apply to hosts belonging to sub-groups.)

  my @hosts = $group->get_all_hosts();

Returns the list of all hosts associated with this group, including those belonging to any sub-groups.

2021-07-28 perl v5.32.1