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MEWL(1) General Commands Manual MEWL(1)


mewl - Message scanner for Mew 4 or later


mewl [options] [folder [range]]


The mewl utility extracts necessary fields from messages stored in folders. This command is necessary for Mew to implement the asynchronous feature.

The options are as follows:

Print all necessary fields when picking.
Set the Mail home to dir.
Set the max body length to be extracted to bodylen.
Set the field to be extracted to field.
Specify an external command to fetch mailbox.
Specify options for command.
Specify fields to display.
Display this help message.
Set the input stream to file.
Set the max field length to be extracted to length. The default value is 3. 0 means no limit.
Don't use fstat().
Specify the pick pattern.
Set message source to src : '+folder range'.
Wait for stdio input to synchronize.
Display the version.
Use this suffix.

Definitions of the symbols above are as follows:

N | [start]-[end] | last:N
´key=val' | 'key!=val' | '!<pattern>' | '(<pattern>)' | '<pattern>&<pattern>' | '<pattern>|<pattern>'


If a field is long, only the beginning three lines are extracted by default.

March 5, 2003